Nespa Tiled hot tubs

  • Clear Water Spa Care, Inc. is a locally owned and operated business specializing in hot tub and pool maintenance. Owner (Ian Levenson)  is a Certified Pool Operator in business since 2006.
  • Your spa will be balanced and sanitized weekly, with complete draining, cleaning and refilling once every six months, all chemicals included.
  • The water will be tested and adjusted to optimal levels for sanitizer, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and pH.
  • Your filters will be removed and cleaned with high pressure water to remove debris and contaminants as needed. Equipment will be checked regularly for proper function.
  • The cover will be cleaned and treated with Armorall in the summer to protect it from drying and fading. Snow will be removed from the cover during our weekly visit in the winter.
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Chemical Service Contracts

Mountain West Custom Spas, LLC

We sell and install Nespa Spas. Nespas utilizes an innovative process of applying tile or stone finishes to a custom constructed composite fiberglass shells. The variety of finishes is endless. Mosaic glass tiles, porcelains tile, custom hand made, natural stone, slates and slab stone are options that a client can choose.

In a world of cookie cutter hot tubs, Nespa Tiled Spas stand alone. Each spa is built, by hand, one at a time, because every spa project has unique details. Every project is an individualistic endeavor, requiring thoughtful detailed consideration during the development process. For instance the spas intended use, spa site location, hydro therapy needs, interior design, depth, landscape views, aesthetics, climate, sound levels, chemical, energy and equipment needs, etc. 

Clear and continuous communication from design conception through job completion is our goal. We involve the designer, contractor, homeowner builder, landscaper and installer to insure a seamless project. No surprises, or presumptions, just top quality consulting and construction. Our design and technical team engineers each spa with the latest Computer Aided Designs technology and rendering programs to assure our commitment to excellence.